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IDOLiSH7 (アイドリッシュセブン()), commonly known as i7 or Ainana (アイナナ()), is a multimedia franchise, originally released as a combination Japanese rhythm and visual novel mobile game on August 20, 2015 for both Android and iOS. The project is handled by BANDAI NAMCO ONLINE (バンダイナムコオンライン()) and the music is created by Lantis (ランティス()).

This Wiki is dedicated to archiving anything useful related to the IDOLiSH7 franchise or the game itself. Please note that this site contains spoilers on the franchise and that the data presented here may be biased or incorrect, view at your own discretion.

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Consider reading the Master Guide on how to properly download and play IDOLiSH7.

Abbreviation i7 / Ainana / アイナナ
Genre Music / AVG
Price Free to Play
(In-App Purchases)
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Clearing House

01 (2015) MEMORiES MELODiES MV release
06 Haruka Isumi's Birthday

16 (2015) Leopard Eyes MV release
17 (2019) Mr.AFFECTiON MV release
(2019) Bang!Bang!Bang! MV release

24 Yuki's Birthday

16 August 2020

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